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    Product Name: Nickel Elbow 99.9% Pure Nickel
    Materials: Nickel 200, Nickel 201
    Elbow: Copper-Nickel Alloy Tube Sheet / Blind flange; (1) elbow: 45 ° elbow, 90 ° elbow, 180 ° elbow (2) tee and cross: reducing tee, equal tee and equal tee (3) reducer: concentric reducer, eccentric reducer (4) flange, pipe cap, welding ring, flanging and other products of various specifications.
    Standard: ASME B16.1,ASTM B363
    Size: 1/2′′-20′′ diameter, DN15-DN550 diameter for seamless.
    Wall thickness:SCH5S~SCH80S
    Technique: Mandrel forming butt weld Forged Rolled Stamping
    Surface treatment: Sand blasting Polishing Pickling
    Inspection for welding lines: X-Ray Tests or Penetrate Tests
    Press Test: Hydrostatic Tests

    • Specifications

    Feature: Nickel is a silvery white metal with magnetism and good plasticity. It has good corrosion resistance. Nickel is silvery white, hard, ductile and ferromagnetic. It can be highly polished and corrosion-resistant. Good corrosion resistance in NaOH solution of any concentration and temperature and in molten NaOH above 400℃ Pure nickel materials have good corrosion resistance to Na2O2, Na2CO3, NaHCO3 and alkaline or molten liquids containing KNO3.
    Application: Elbow is divided into: seamless elbow and seamed (welded) elbow. In the pipeline system, the elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipeline. It connects two pipes with the same nominal diameter to make the pipeline make a 90 degree turn, which is used for the connection at the turning of the pipeline. The methods of connection with the pipe include: direct welding (more commonly used) flange connection, screw connection and socket connection, etc.

    Important note: If above product specifications don’t meet your requirements, please kindly let me know. We could customize the products as per your requirements.

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