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Titanium Ring& Disc,Titanium Alloy Ring& Disc

Titanium Ring&Disc

Product Name:Titanium Ring&Disc
Material:Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5, etc
Standard:ASTM B831
External Diameter: Ø150~Ø600mm;
Section Height: 35~140mm
External Diameter: Ø200~Ø1300mm;
Internal Diameter: Ø100~Ø900mm
Section Height: 35~250mm;
Wall Thickness: 40~400mm

  • Specifications

Low density, High specific strength,
Excellent corrosive resistance,
Rustless Good thermal stability,
Good thermal conductivity,
Biological features, plasticity, etc.
Titanium and titanium alloy discs and rings are mainly applied in petrochemical industry, metallurgical Industry and medical device industry.
State supplied: Annealed state (M), hot processing state (R) and cold processing state (Y) (annealing and ultrasonic flaw detection)
Packing: Packed in the carton or wooden case
Chemical Component:(Nominal %)

Titanium Ring& Disc,Titanium Alloy Ring& Disc
Surface treatment:Lathing and chamfering
Surface quality:
The surface roughness (Ra) of two end faces should not be more than 3.2lμm (which is subject to requirements of ultrasonic inspection). The surface roughness (Ra) of external and internal side faces should not be more than 12.5μm (and Ra should not be more than 3.2μm when external circular face accepts ultrasonic flaw detection). The chamfer’s radius is between 5~15mm. The product surface should not have visible flaws, such as cracks, backfins and double skin. Local flaws on the surface is allowed to remove by polishing and grinding. The depth of removal should not be more than corresponding dimensional tolerance, and maximum acceptable dimension should be ensured. The ratio of depth of removal to width of removal should not be more than 1:6 at end faces, and should not be more than 1:10 at external and internal side faces. External side face should be polished and grinded along its axial.
Physical properties: Better elongation and strength. No deformation after cold bending. No cracks after flattening and flaring. Wires with the diameter of over 3mm have no discontinuity, pores, laminations, cracks, and metal or non-metal impurities.
Surface cleanliness:
We adopt automatic cleaning machine and rotary brush to clean the surface and then rinse the surface under high pressure. Products are clean and dust free, and have longer acid-resistant service life.
Test: test on mechanical properties, test on chemical ingredients, and ultrasonic detection.
Quality control during production process:
We use domestic first-class forging and pressing equipment and production process controlled by high-accuracy tolerance, so the products’ dimensional tolerance is controlled at a high level. Initial, in-process and final inspections are carried out to ensure product quality.
Material selection:
0A-grade, 0-grade and 1-grade sponge titanium produced by the largest sponge titanium manufacturer in China. Test on physical and chemical properties can ensure that each batch of goods meet industrial standards. Each titanium disc and each titanium ring are tested and inspected within allowable dimensional tolerance.

Titanium Ring& Disc,Titanium Alloy Ring& Disc

Important note: If above product specifications don’t meet your requirements, please kindly let me know. We could customize the products as per your requirements.

Titanium Ring& Disc,Titanium Alloy Ring& Disc

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