Baoji titanium valley is located in Shaanxi provice, China, after five decades of rapid development, in which Baoji city has been formed the world's leading and the most complete variety of titanium internation trading market in China, mainly for titanium, zirconium and hafnium. Moreover, it is also the manufacturing and marketing, R&D, development base for titanium, nickle, zirconium,  hafnium, tungsten, molibdenum, niobium, tantalum, cobalt, thallium and other nonferrous metals. With continuously expanding in titanium industry scale and application field and  progressivly increasing of tatanium products in output and specification in baoji, you can find any rare metal materials and deep processing products, including titanium sponge, zirconium sponge, ingot casting, forging, tubing, rod, wire, sheet, strip and foil, titanium steel clad plate, falnge, valves, piping, fittings equipment, bolt, 3D raw material. With provide various metal products and relative services, more than 4000 titanium enterprises in baoji have the varying degrees of repetitive spot inventory,  which result in the huge trading enterprises and purchasers in domestic and abroad lack inventory or a shared-platform of products, which has been an disadvantage of low cash flow, as well as increasing product leadtime and price rise.Aiming to solve the above-metioned problems by intergrating the spot inventory informaiton of baoji manufacuturing and market resource,  it is the target for Firmakes to establisd the spot inventory with covering various specifications.  Firmakes will definitely play a key role in assisting customer to obtain order, improve stocking and shorten the supply cycle.

Firmakes To Build A Spot Inventory Platform
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