For the further implementation important instructions of President Xi, to get the normalized epidemic prevention and control as a whole series of important instructions and economic development, actively practice the "Three Changes" and earnestly implement the "Resist Covid-19 epidemic, maintain economic growth, set up to work in 100 days" special labor competition. On May 21, Firmakes drives spirits of " set up to work in 100 days " special labor contest by unified deployment, mobilize all staff confidence and agglomerate mental efforts to be perfect. Firmakes quickly seize every minute of the struggle in order to repair back the outbreak damage, delayed time and sluggish sales market, to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of various tasks throughout the year target.

The trumpet of the Labour race has been sounded!

Let us live up to our youth,

Seize the moment,

Keep the mission in mind,

Put the responsibility on your shoulders,

To develop strength, strength, and resilience,

In this labor contest

To be the main force, to be in the front row, to achieve great results,

Strive hard to achieve the goals of year 2020!

Blow the Burgle Call for "Set to work in 100 days"
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