3D printing Asia is in southern China influential professional trade platform, 3D printing industry leading material manufacturing industry application area, gather the international well-known brand, 3D printing for manufacturing industry with the advanced industrial grade and desktop 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM software development, product and technology such as reverse engineering, highlights the rapid development of related technologies and significant achievements.

The exhibition date is from March 3 to 5, 2021

Exhibition Time: 09:30-17:00, March 3rd to 4th, 09:30-15:00, March 5th


Admission is free for professional visitors


China • Guangzhou • China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pavilion

An area of 40000 square meters

The meeting area


655, combined with SIAF 2021 in total

The audience

50,369 professional visitors, 41,051 live streaming visitors, and SIAF 2021 in total

The exhibition concept

The famous professional 3D exhibition in South China

Exhibits range

3D printer: industrial GRADE 3D printer, desktop 3D printer, rapid prototyping manufacturing equipment, laser rapid prototyping machine, vacuum pouring machine,3D printer accessories.

3D scanning and related software: 3D scanner, 3D measuring instrument, 3D coordinate measuring machine/instrument, 3D laser detection system, 3D photogrammetry, 3D laser engraving machine, 3D imaging system, laser tracking system, system, reverse engineering software, 3D scanning software, design materials.

3D printing materials: photosensitive resin, plastic powder materials (nylon, nylon glass drill, nylon carbon fiber, nylon aluminum powder, peek material), metal powder materials (mold steel, Titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, CoCrMo alloy,Fe-Ni alloy), surface treatment.

3D printing services :3D printing, rapid prototyping and handboard making, other rapid prototyping and reverse engineering services.

The audience composition

The audience composition

Mould, automobile industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, equipment engineering, general engineering, household appliances and technology, electrical industry, IT industry, communications industry, packaging technology, consumer goods, toy industry, sports and leisure, bicycle, furniture, the beauty of consumer goods, medical/dental/chemical industry, biological technology, building services, clocks and watches industry, pearl jewelry, lighting, optical industry, green construction, machine tools, national defense, personalized custom, cultural creativity and digital entertainment.

3D Printing Asia Guangzhou International 3D Printing Exhibition will be held at the China Import and Export Trade Fair Exhibition Hall from March 3 to 5, 2021.
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