According to the reports, titanium alloy fasteners have excellent comprehensive performance, and have been widely used in aircraft, especially in the current advanced large aircraft manufacturing, as fastening parts and connection assembly and contact connection with aluminum alloy workpiece. However, the surface of titanium alloy fasteners without surface treatment has a higher potential, and the connection of aluminum alloy parts have a large potential difference, in the humid atmosphere or Marine weather will form a couple, produce electrochemical corrosion, When it has serious damage to the structure, it will make its failure to work and cause an accident.

The research shows that if the fastener surface coated with a layer of phenolic resin, aluminum powder, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), anti-corrosion pigment composition of coating, will not form the galvanic couple and corrosion, coating thickness of 7 ~ 9 μm, and the thickness of foreign standards for 7 ~ 11 μm.

Aluminum coating significantly improves the performance of titanium alloy fasteners

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