Metal layered composite board can make extremely wide a gap between strength, melting point, thermal expansion coefficient of different metal realize perfect metallurgical combination, combines the merits of different materials in one, giving full play to the use of different material properties, greatly saving rare metals materials and reducing the manufacturing cost of equipment, which made it possible to the application of rare metals in many areas. The composite material produced by explosive composite technology can realize the perfect combination of different metals without changing the composition and physical properties of the original material. Metal composite plate can be designed separately, according to the need to design and manufacture different materials into the best use of the state. Metal composite plate material has not only good weldability, formability, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of carbon steel, but also excellent corrosion resistance of various cladding. Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, salt chemical industry, power station auxiliaries, seawater desalination, shipbuilding, power and ocean engineering and other industries.

A significant characteristic of titanium is its strong corrosion resistance, which is due to its affinity to oxygen is particularly large, can generate a layer of dense oxide film on its surface, which can protect titanium from corrosion by the medium. A passivated oxide film can be formed on the surface of titanium in most aqueous solutions. Therefore, titanium in acidic, alkaline, neutral saline solution and oxidation medium has good stability, corrosion resistance than the existing stainless steel and other commonly used non-ferrous metals are good, and can even be compared with platinum. So titanium is widely used in all kinds of chemical reaction vessel, heat exchange equipment and anti-corrosion field, but the disadvantage is that the cost is higher, especially as a structural component when using this problem is particularly prominent, the explosion after legal production of titanium steel clad plate, both the corrosion resistance of titanium, and ordinary steel plate as the strength of the structure and the plastic, especially important is the drop in cost greatly. With the continuous progress of equipment manufacturing technology in China, the application fields of titanium steel composite plate materials will continue to expand.

1. Petrochemical and chemical container equipment manufacturing

The manufacture of petrochemical equipment container is the traditional application field of titanium steel composite plate material, and its application amount has always occupied the first place. In the chemical industry, titanium has good stability in all kinds of acid, alkali and salt media, except for four kinds of inorganic acid and highly corrosive aluminum chloride. Therefore, titanium is an excellent anti-corrosion material in chemical industry, and has been used more and more widely. For example, vacuum towers, distillation towers, heat exchangers in oil refining plants; Chemical plant of all kinds of reactor, precipitation tank, agitator, etc. Urea fertilizer is important, in the process of production of urea, ammonia, ammonium carbamate and their mixture, strong corrosion under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the use of titanium steel clad plate after instead of stainless steel, equipment service life greatly extended, greatly reduce maintenance time, therefore at present the main equipment is used in the urea production of titanium steel clad plate titanium of chlorine dioxide, and chlorate, and chlorite, such as bleach with special corrosion resistance, therefore, of titanium steel clad plate in the textile printing and dyeing industry, paper making industrial bleaching equipment also has important application.

2. Vacuum salt equipment manufacturing

Titanium and its alloys have excellent resistance to seawater, chloride solution corrosion and fluid erosion. Since the 1980s, titanium steel composite plate salt making equipment has been put into use in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other vacuum salt making plants. Due to the smooth surface of titanium and corrosion resistance, it has a good effect on preventing the evaporation tank wall from forming salt scale and prolonging the tank washing cycle. The evaporation chamber made of titanium steel composite plate has good effect on reducing corrosion and salt scale formation, prolonging production cycle and improving salt quality uniformity. In 1987, sichuan Da’an saltworks, Wutongqiao district saltworks, two sets of annual output of 300000 tons of the main equipment in vacuum salt making engineering use titanium pot, push the application of titanium into a big step, only two sets of salt production device, evaporation tank using titanium and titanium steel composite board of 360 tons, the vacuum salt industry has become one of the large use of titanium and titanium steel composite panels.

The application of titanium steel composite plate reduces the cost of salt plant equipment, its corrosion resistance is better than that of dual-phase stainless steel and its service life is longer, but its price is lower than the market cost of dual-phase stainless steel. In 2007, Baotai Group Composite Plate Co., Ltd. provided more than 600 tons of TA2/TA10 titanium steel composite plates to Sichuan Jiuda Salt Factory for the equipment manufacturing of Jiuda 600,000 tons of vacuum salt production project, which has become the largest single application of titanium steel composite plates. Since it was put into use for more than 4 years, the operation effect has been good.

3. Seawater Desalination

Fresh water resources are insufficient in the world, and China is one of the 13 water-poor countries in the world. The per capita fresh water resources are only 1/4 of the world's per capita, and the distribution of water resources is uneven. A lot of fresh water is concentrated in the south, while the fresh water resources in the north are only 1/4 of that in the south. It can be said that the whole situation of fresh water resources is not optimistic.

Titanium and its alloys have excellent resistance to seawater, chloride solution corrosion and fluid erosion. Titanium is also non-toxic, making it ideal for desalination equipment. The international desalination market is expected to be worth nearly $70 billion over the next 20 years. China will be a multi-billion dollar market in the future. Now the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Denmark, Japan and other countries desalination enterprises have come to China, engaged in technology, investment and construction activities, at present, the Chinese market has become an important strategic market for foreign desalination products and equipment manufacturing groups, which will certainly lift the application of titanium steel composite plate climax.

4. The localization process of PTA equipment

The production of PTA oxidation reactor is difficult, the technical requirements are high, the equipment working environment is harsh, and the material manufacturing requirements are high. Its equipment manufacturing and materials have always been monopolized by foreign countries. In October 2010, the million-ton PTA oxidation reactor, a demonstration project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and a flagship project of the petrochemical industry, was put off the production line in Nanjing Baose Co.,Ltd. The successful development of the equipment has broken the foreign technical barriers to the key equipment of China's large-scale PTA device, and the main material of the equipment is titanium steel composite plate. The 1.2 million tons/year PTA oxidation reactor contracted by Nanjing Baose Co.,Ltd is the largest PTA oxidation reactor with the highest capacity of a single titanium steel clad plate, which is independently manufactured by the domestic process package so far. It has a diameter of 7,800 mm, a length of 40 meters, a total weight of 420 tons and a volume of 1,200 cubic meters. It is the largest titanium steel composite pressure equipment in the world at present, and it is also the equipment with the most difficult manufacturing process and welding technology. It is understood that as the core equipment of the PTA plant, the price of the domestic million-ton PTA oxidation reactor is only half of that of the imported equipment, which can not only reduce the construction cost of the PTA plant, but also reduce the cost of polyester production. Since 2009, Baotai Group Composite Plate Co., Ltd. has provided more than 3,000 tons of titanium steel composite plates to Nanjing Baose Co.,Ltd for PTA equipment manufacturing

5. Nuclear power equipment manufacturing

Thick stratified big plate of titanium steel clad plate is the main material of nuclear power equipment in the condenser tube plate, according to the measure, in the next decade, China's annual average of new nuclear power installed capacity of 7.7 million kilowatts, corresponding to the nuclear power use of titanium steel clad plate demand increment is about more than 924 tons/year, the market space is very big, the next million kilowatt nuclear power of titanium steel clad plate will show explosive growth, application prospect is more optimistic.

6. Ocean engineering

In recent years, titanium-steel composite plates have been used for new purposes, that is, corrosion prevention materials of steel structures have been used in Marine civil engineering field. This is not only because of its lower cost, from the point of view of the welding installation of the main steel structure, but also must use titanium steel composite plate. This kind of titanium steel composite sheet has the following advantages: first, the titanium is basically not corroded in seawater, and the titanium metal ions will not be dissolved. And second, Titanium has no toxicity and has no effect on the surrounding ecological environment, so it is an environment-friendly material. The continuous hot rolled titanium steel composite plate is a thin plate, which is mainly used in the lining of Marine steel structures, and the application field is Marine civil engineering.

Now the new development of titanium steel clad plate is basically the same as the advanced stainless steel manufacturing costs, the current Japanese in transverse He Jianzao must be a very large floating offshore structures, the water droplets scour using the titanium compound material, steel is used in Tokyo bay across road construction bridge piers with titanium splash trunk, dosage of each bridge pier titanium for more than 0.9 tons.


Above all, titanium steel clad plate has excellent corrosion resistance of titanium compound layer, but also has the strength of the carbon steel and the plastic at the grassroots level is an ideal choice for equipment manufacturing, corrosion environment of titanium steel clad plate with the gradual improvement of the equipment manufacturing technology and titanium steel composite board production process of continuous improvement, the types of titanium steel clad plate, specifications will continue to increase, its application field will be more widely and common.

Characteristics and application fields of titanium steel composite plates

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