Titanium bike is mainly made of titanium and titanium alloy, which is light in weight and high in strength.In recent years, with the improvement of titanium metal processing technology and the decrease of price, high-performance titanium bikes have rapidly entered the life of ordinary families, especially the city bikes, traveling bikes, road bikes and children's balance bikes have been widely used, and fans of mountain bike are constantly pursuing higher quality titanium mountain bikes.

Our titanium alloy bicycles and accessories are all made of high-quality seamless titanium tubes, and are stress relieved annealed. Each frame is crafted by hand. The appearance can be polished by mirror or anodized with color, and the personalized logo can be customized. To provide customers with lighter, stronger and more beautiful titanium bicycles.

Production process: Design Optimization - Preparation of Materials and Tooling - Cutting, Tooling and Machining - Partial Assembly - Fixture Welding – Calibration and Reaming - Finishing Assembly - Fixture Welding - Calibration, Reaming and Machining - Appearance Treatment - Quality Check – Packing

Titanium bicycle

Production Technology