Nickel Bar


Product Name: Nickel Bar
Material: N4/ Ni 201,N6/ Ni 200
Standard: ASTM B160, GB/T4435-1984, DIN, ASTM
Size: Diameter 6.0~150mm * Long 6000mm max
Technique: Forged Hot rolling machine Cold rolling machine Polish
Status: Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Annealed

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Feature: It has amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, ultra-high hardness, strength and outstanding nuclear performance. Good resistance to effect of heat,Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property,Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic
Application: Battery welding, Fittings, Fasteners exposed to high temperatures in steel mills, Stainless steel pipe fittings, flanges, pump fittings, Steam generators, Assembly of dissimilar metals, Electronic industry

Important note: If above product specifications don’t meet your requirements, please kindly let me know. We could customize the products as per your requirements.