Nickel Foil 99.9% Pure Nickel


Product Name: Nickel foil 99.9% Pure Nickel
Material: N4, N6,Ni200, Ni201
Standard: GB/T2054-2005 ASTM B127-1998 ASTM B162-1999
Size: δ 0.02~2.5mm×~350mm×L
Supply Form:Nickel strips coiling
Technique: Forged Hot rolling machine Cold rolling machine Pickling Polish
Status: Annealed to Full Hard
Surface: Black Surface or Bright Surface

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Feature: Nickel is a silvery white metal with magnetism and good plasticity. It has good corrosion resistance. Nickel foil and nickel strip for battery
Application:Nickel 200/Nickel 201 is most widely used grade,generally specified for transistor caps,anodes for electronic tubes,leads of electronic components/Lead-in-wire for lamps and for Wire-Mesh.Also used in strip form for various applications including Ni-Cd bateteries.

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