3D printing of spherical titanium alloy powder


Product Name: 3D printing of spherical titanium alloy powder

Material: Gr5  Ti-6.5Al-1Mo-1V-2Zr(-0.15Si)  Ti-6.5Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si  Ti-5Al-4.75Mo-4.75V-1Cr-1Fe

Impurity content: 0.03%

Shape: Granular

Product Specification: - 20 mesh - 40 mesh - 60 mesh - 100 mesh - 160 mesh - 200 mesh - 260 mesh - 320 mesh

Make Method: Plasma rotating electrode atomization

Chemical Composition: ASTM E1409, e1447, e1941, e2371, etc 

Packaging: customized according to the purchase quantity

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Product Feature:

1.Characteristic analysis particle size screening (ASTM b214) 

2.Particle size laser diffraction (ASTM B822)

3.Fluidity (ASTM b213 and ASTM b964) 

4.Bulk density (ASTM b212) 

5.Compaction density (ASTM b527)


At present, 3D printed titanium metal products have been widely used in aerospace, dentistry, medical and other fields, especially implants for surgery. There are two main reasons: first, titanium is the lightest and the strongest of all 3D printed metal materials at present, and it also has non-toxic and corrosion-resistant characteristics; second, compared with traditional processing methods(such as CNC machine and Casting), 3D printing can not only achieve almost any complex geometry, but also cost less. When using titanium for 3D printing, the current technology can achieve the highest accuracy of 0.25mm layer thickness and 0.4mm wall thickness.

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