Titanium Golf Club Diver Head


Product Name: Titanium Golf Club Diver Head
Material: titanium / titanium alloy GR1, GR2, GR5 
Surface: Polished, Sand Blasting, acid cleaning and temper
Color: titanium original color or customized
Logo: Can be customized
Techniques: CNC, precision dewaxing casting, forged, diecast, heating treatment

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Features: rustproof, less abrasion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. The most popular club material is titanium. In addition to no time-consuming maintenance, titanium metal has a strong rebound effect and can be hit further. The light weight, the great elasticity and the distance of hitting the ball are all beyond imagination.
We have a professional technical team, which can provide casting, forging semi-finished products and finished products. OEM / ODM processing is also welcome.

Important note: If above product specifications don’t meet your requirements, please kindly let me know. We could customize the products as per your requirements.

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