Titanium Heat Exchanger


Product Name: Titanium Heat Exchanger
Tube sheet Material: Titanium, nickel, Zirconium, titanium/steel, nickel/steel, copper, stainless steel/steel
Pressure: low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure.
Temperature: low-temperature heat exchanger, medium-temperature heat exchanger, but also high-temperature heat exchanger.
Specification: ASME U Stamp, PED, TEMA, API650, EN13445

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Product classification:
Heat exchanger series; evaporator series; tower equipment series; reaction vessel series; separation vessel series; storage vessel series; centrifuge series; other product series; chlorate electrolyzer complete set; general product series;
Keywords titanium anode device; titanium bolt series matched reactor; series chlorate electrolysis matched reactor; single titanium coil tube; chlorate tank titanium blue; be series chlorate electrolyzer; series chlorate electrolyzer complete device; reaction vessel series; horizontal centrifuge drum evaporator series;
Product Feature: Titanium is light in weight, superior in mechanical properties and high in strength. The specific strength (ratio of tensile strength to density) of titanium alloy is higher than that of high quality steel. In addition, titanium alloy has good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness.
In chemical properties, titanium shows good stability and corrosion resistance in a variety of industrial solutions.
Application: Titanium/ Ni/Zr/ Stainless steel tubular heat exchanger, shell and tube exchanger, seperator, condensers, evaporator, reaction tanks, storage tanks, snake-pipe exchanger, cathode drums, electrodes, mesh baskets, propellers, Separator, packed tower, plate tower, filter, stripping tower, urine washing tower, deaerator, oil trap, buffer, scrubber, absorption tower, copper washing tower, drying tower, points cylinder, spherical tank or sphere, storage Vessel , tower or column vessel, Reaction vessel; Should any specification interesting in, please let me know, we are happy give you excellent price and more better service.

Important note: If above product specifications don’t meet your requirements, please kindly let me know. We could customize the products as per your requirements.

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