Dental Casting Titanium Blocks


Product Name: Dental Casting Titanium Blocks

Frame Material: Gr1

Standard:  ASTM F67  ISO5832-2

Quality testing: Third party testing physical properties, mechanical properties, metallographic testing

Size: Φ25mm/10g  20g  25g  30g   36g   40g  Φ30mm/40g   60g   100g 

         Φ98/97mm*10  Φ98/97mm*12 Φ98/97mm*14 Φ98/97mm*16 Φ98/97mm*18 /Customizable

State: Annealed (m)

Main Components: Ti99.7%,Fe0.03%,Ni<0.03%

Solidus temperature: 890ºC,allowance±20ºC

Liquidus temperature: 1600ºC,allowance±20ºC

Vickers hardness: 200HV5,deviation±10%

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Product Feature: Pure titanium block material for denture is made of high-quality sponge titanium material, which has been melted in vacuum for three times, forged and mechanically added under the environment of anti-oxidation and impurity pollution. The product has high purity, uniform chemical composition, excellent mechanical properties, good castability, high casting rate and good machining performance.

Titanium for oral use has excellent biocompatibility, high specific strength, low thermal conductivity, non-magnetic and non-conductive properties.

Important note: If above product specifications don't meet your requirements, please kindly let me know. We could customize the products as per your requirements.

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