Titanium Hexagon Bar


Product Name: Titanium Hexagon Bar

Material: GR1、GR2、GR3、GR5、GR7、GR12 ,etc

Standard: ISO 5832,ASTM F67,ASTM F136,ASTM B348,AMS4928


Manufacturing Process: hot forging hot rolling polishing

Production Status: hot working, cold working, annealing

The indefinite length of the processed bar is 300-6000 mm, and that of the annealed bar is 300-2000 mm. The length of the fixed length or multiple length should be within the range of the indefinite length. The allowable deviation of the fixed length is + 20 mm.

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Ten Properties Of Titanium

Low density, High specific strength,

Excellent corrosive resistance,

Good heat resistance,

Good low temperature performance,

Anti damping performance,

The non-magnetic,non-toxic,

Tensile strength close to the yield strength,

Smallm heat conduction coefficient,

Low modulus of elasticity,

The suction performance.

Three Functions Of Titanium

Memory function, Super conducting function, Hydrogen storage function.


Titanium and titanium alloy is widely used in the military-industrial complex, aerospace, Marine industry, chemical industry, oil refining, automotive, medical, sports and daily necessities, building materials, nuclear industry.

State supplied: Processed and Annealed

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