Sponge Zirconium


Product Name:Sponge zirconium
Material: HZr-1, HZr-2
Standard: YS/T 397-2007
Size: The size of sponge zirconium can be crushed by the method of cutting or pressure dispersion. The particle size is 3mm-25mm, and each batch is allowed to contain a small amount of products with particle size less than 3mm, but not more than 5% of the total weight.

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Feature: Zirconium metal has very strong corrosion resistance, super high hardness and strength Melting point: 1852℃,Boiling point: 4377℃
Application: Aerospace, military industry, nuclear reaction, atomic energy, metal superhard material addition, making bulletproof alloy steel, also can be used as cladding alloy of uranium

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