Zirconium Plate


Product Name: Zirconium Plate
Material: Zr, Zr0, Zr2, R60702, R60704 , R60705, R60706
Standard: ASTM B523, ASTM B768
Size: Plate Thickness ≥ 1.5mm, width ≤ 1200mm, length ≤ 6000mm
Technique: Forged Hot rolling machine Cold rolling machine Pickling Polish
Status: Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Annealed

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Feature: It has amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, ultra-high hardness, strength and outstanding nuclear performance.
Application: Zirconium can be used in chemical industry, pesticide industry, printing and dyeing industry to manufacture corrosion-resistant reaction tower, pump, heat exchanger, valve, agitator, nozzle, conduit and container lining.

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