Titanium Socket Weld Flange


Product Name: Titanium Socket Weld Flange

Material: GR1 GR2 GR3 GR4 GR5 GR7 GR9 GR12 Gr23 Ti6Al4V Eli etc

Standard: ASME B16.5,ANSI B16.5,ASME B16.36,JISB2220,DIN2501-2656,HG20592-20635,etc. 

Size(mm): DN10-600  NPS1/2″-24″

Pressure: PN0.25MPa, PN0.6MPa, PN1.0MPa, PN1.6MPa, PN2.5MPa, PN4.0MPa, PN6.3MPa, PN10.0MPa, PN16.0MPa, PN25.0MPa

Pressure Classes: Class150,300,600,900,1500,2500

Sealing Surface Type: RF, FF, TG, MFM, RJ, etc.

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The Socket Welding Flange

The socket welding flange is a similar sliding flange unless it has a hole and reverse hole dimensions. The counter hole matches the pipe so that the pipe is inserted into the flange similar to the sliding flange. The diameter of the smaller hole is the same as the ID of the same pipe match. The limit is a built-in hole that sits at the bottom as a shoulder sleeve for the pipe. This eliminates any flow limitation in the use of socket welded flanges.


Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium material, the pure titanium flange is much used for connecting the tube ends of the petrochemical project. It is also useful in equipment exit and entrance to connect the two devices.

Titanium alloy has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance, so titanium alloy flange is often used in oil drilling, marine engineering, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the key pressure parts of the connection.

FIRMAKES TITANIUM has rich experience in forging and machining, which makes our titanium flange products kept good quality.

At the same time, to meet the specific requirements of customers, we also produce titanium flange according to customer drawings.