Titanium flange tube sheet


Product Name: Titanium flange tube sheet

Material: Gr2


Supply Condition: M (Anneal)

Standard: ANSI, DIN, ISO, JIS, ASME, ASME B16.47 ANSI B16.5

Pressure rating: 0.6~32Mpa

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Low Density High Strength


The tube sheet is mainly used for chemical containers, such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, condensers, central air conditioners, evaporators, etc., to support the fixed column tubes, and the metal material is not only highly rigid, but also Has a large heat transfer performance. As an important part of heat exchangers, it is widely used in pressure vessels, steam turbines, large central air conditioners, desalination and other industries. 

FIRMAKES TITANIUM uses a unique metal dynamic composite technology to metallize the working surface with corrosion resistance and the substrate that needs to provide support against external forces.