Zirconium Plate: Zirconium is a silvery metal that is commonly used in the medical and nuclear industries. At Firmakes Titanium, we have zirconium available in 99.8% purity. Zirconium Bar: We produce Zirconium Rod (Zirconium Bar) in precise dimensions with our broad range of processing capabilities. We have a wide variety of processing equipment that is maintained impeccably to ensure 100% satisfaction. We provide many value-added services to meet our customers’ projects specific needs. Zirconium Tube: Firmakes Titanium specializes in providing easy Zirconium tubing with various dimensions such as round, square foot, square, and Round Metallic Tubes--Selected Dimensionsoval in several normal diameters from 0.02 to 6.0 inches and wall thicknesses from 0.003 to 0.500 inches. Tubing may be further processed to create rings, dishwashers, dishwashers and sheaths. Custom configurations are also offered. Selected Ultra High Purity Metallic TubesMaterials comprise most metals such as the rare earth metals and other innovative materials. Tubes may also be generated from custom metals for research and commercial programs and also for new proprietary technologies. Other accessible shapes include plate or bar shape, in addition to custom machined contours and via other procedures such as nanoparticles and in the shape of alternatives and organometallics. In addition, we create Zirconium as pole, pellets, powder, pieces, granules, ingot, cable, and in chemical forms, such as oxide.